Is Cereal Making You Fat?

Is Cereal Making You Fat?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is an important meal this meal sets you up to how you will perform for the rest of the day physically and mentally. So if you are eating Breakfast in the morning and that breakfast consists of a cereal with coffee and sugar and your trying to lose weight or stay healthy and fit oh oh…… Lets investigate!!

We’ve all probably heard that it is healthier to eat the cereal box rather than the cereal or maybe eat the bowel? Ok lets assume you realize that Cereal’s or breakfast foods that come from a packet and are florescent colors are full of sugar and additives.

But did you know that that healthy oven roasted natural whole grain everything that is goodness under the sun is put in the cereal can be fattening, make you crash be full of sugars very high in carbs your body maybe stores as fat rather than uses?

The Argument:


Certain cereals you can put lots of milk on and then drink out of the bowel, and if you are lucky it will be chocolate or a mix of all the random colors the cereal tastes great and drinking the left over milk out the bowl as a kid is kinda cool, but at the same time that’s why I turned into a fat little plump apple. So maybe not so cool.
Taste Great J Yum sugar!!!!
Easy: Step one get bowl step two open cereal put in bowl step 3 pour milk over step four eat step five go to about your day.
Free stuff!! Sometimes there are free things in the boxes be care full not to eat though.
Its what the latest celebrity is endorsing so must be good.


Full of sugars high in carbs, after having your body in hibernation for 6-8 hours and then smashing a bowl of high sugar cereal covered in skim milk is not healthy. Its high Glycemic with a fast carb/sugar release into the system. That energy needs to be used asap and that doesn’t mean walking to the car or bus station.

Sugar, Flour, Hydrogenated Vegatable Oils, artificial Additives: Now imagine throwing all of this at your body and saying process this for me will ya, this will cause the body to add weight gain. Generally this will be in commercial type brands so read the ingredient labels.

Depending on how you eat do you only eat organic or do you not care? But in certain cereals there could be GMO’s and pesticides generally like all other processed foods. Just remember if it is not labeled organic then Pesticides have been used in the processing of the product. GMO’s are genetically modified seeds that are made to kill the pests that touch the plant, Just remember natural does not necessary mean healthy in the marketing world. Read the label and make an informed decision.

Processed cereal grains are processed at high heats these denature the grains and remove all the nutrient value in the grain, Vitamins and minerals are then artificially added in the product. By law Cereal companies must list all ingredients some ingredients that you will see in commercial cereals are as follows: Thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin (Vitamin B2), niacin, niacinamide, folate or folic acid, beta carotene, potassium iodide, iron or ferrous sulfate, alpha tocopherols, ascorbic acid, Vitamin D, amino acids (L-tryptophan, L-lysine, L-leucine, L-methionine) The reason for Extrusion is so that they are able to process the grains and mash them up and make them in O’s or little rice shapes and they can spray them with sugar and other products so that when milk s added to the cereal it remains crunchy and tasty for the consumer.

Commercial Store bought cereal that contain grains are not soaked which makes it harder for the body to process or use the nutrients that the body should be getting if it is taking in grains. This makes the cereals high in Phytic Acid, processing grains in a more effective way adds to the manufacturing cost so it is not done, read the label it should state if it has been done in the processing of the grain for the cereal.

Personally me I’m against cereal for breakfast. If your trying to lose weight or excess fat, this is not the way to go.

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