This is where we analyse your current diet and what needs to be improved. We will look at what you’re eating now and look at the best foods that will help you gain muscle. I’m not big on supplements as these are an afterthought to a good diet. Depending on where you are on your journey I will give you an overview of what to eat, we may agree on macros from the caliper analysis or dexa scan but the approach needs to work for you. It’s better to eat healthy and cut out junk food and alcohol as opposed to having a magic pill mindset.


During the assessment phase, we’ll set the foundations to determine where you are physically and what exercises are going to be best for you. We may need to correct your posture or strengthen your lower back issues before we get to more advanced exercises. One of the key focuses will be to get you to do the key lifts that will multiply your gains and help you achieve your goal.


Mindset towards your training and nutrition will yield huge end results for you and will be stronger than any weight loss pill or fitness pill or supplement ever. This is where you will need to give 100% in the training like it is your last training session ever, the more effort you put in the more you get out of it and the faster we can progress you towards your goal.


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