Are you bored of the gym, lack motivation, just going through the motions when you exercise or not getting the results you desire? Or do you just want to try a new and exciting workout? If so, fitness boot camp workouts could be just the thing you are looking for.


Using a wide variety of effective and innovative exercise techniques and equipment all wrapped up in a tough love approach to working out, fitness boot camps can help get you fitter and leaner than ever before.


Fitness boot camps offer numerous benefits…


Challenging and varied workouts

Boot camps seldom use the same exercises from one week to the next which ensures that each workout will be fresh, interesting and, above all, effective. You’ll approach each workout wondering what is in store for you and your body will thank you for this variety by getting into great shape and burning fat like you’ll never believe. Each workout is designed to deliver maximum results but only if you put the effort in and you’ll get to do things that are simply impossible to replicate in a gym environment.


A sense of camaraderie among the participants

Boot camps are demanding workouts but, as part of a group, you’ll be exercising alongside other like-minded men and women who will support your every effort. Boot camp participants form a bond that ensures everyone works as hard as possible which will improve the results you experience. Being part of a group also enhances long term motivation and exercise adherence by increasing your personal accountability – more on that later.



If you spend an hour on a treadmill or mindlessly do a circuit of weights exercises in the gym – can you honestly say you are having fun? It’s no wonder so many people fail to actually enjoy their workouts! In contrast, as well as being tough and effective, boot camp workouts are designed to be enjoyable and even fun. Many workouts involve a friendly element of competition and you’ll often find yourself working in pairs or part of a team. Forget about boring, sanitized, unenjoyable workouts – boot camps are the antidote to everything that is dull about exercise.


Develop self-confidence

Achieving something that you thought was impossible, like doing 50 push-ups or dragging a heavy sandbag 50 meters, has a tremendous impact on your self-confidence which will transfer to other areas of your life. Instead of having a “can’t do” attitude, you will develop a “can do” attitude which will help you in your home and work life. Nothing else you do in your daily life will ever be as hard as what you do in boot camp and like the army says, “train hard, fight easy”.


Exercise more intensely than you could on your own

When you exercise on your own, it’s all too easy to stop your workout the moment things get a little uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it’s only when you get into that zone of feeling uncomfortable that you start getting meaningful results from your workout. Your boot camp instructor and your fellow boot campers will ensure you not only reach the point where exercise becomes productive but smash through it to produce the best possible results. This will save you literally years of wasted exercise effort.  


Work out in a healthier environment

Gyms are fine but all that recirculated air, piped music and lack of sunshine means that they aren’t always the most healthy or pleasant places to work out. In contrast, exercising in the great outdoors means you get to breathe fresh air and are exposed to a healthy dose of sunshine which will help raise your mood and make you feel happier, healthier and less stressed. Outdoor exercise is definitely more enjoyable than imitating a hamster running on a wheel by exercising on a treadmill in a gym.


Greater commitment and accountability

Boot camps run at specific times and specific days and agreeing to be there on time and ready to exercise will help keep you committed to exercise. Not only is your instructor waiting for you, so too are the other participants. If you don’t turn up or arrive late, you are not only letting yourself down, but the rest of the group too. It can be hard to be committed or feel accountable when you exercise on your own but being part of a boot camp group means that there are certain expectations on you such as turning up on time and being mentally and physically prepared to work hard, that you are much more likely to stick with the programme. This will ensure your exercise efforts are consistent and consistency is one of the most important things for ensuring you reach your fitness or weight loss goals.


Tough love

Your boot camp instructor’s job is to get you to work harder than you can on your own. They’ll do this using tough love. They won’t want to hear your excuses and “can’t” is not a word they’ll ever accept from you. They will encourage, coach and push you to new levels of fitness by challenging you to reach and surpass your previous best performances. They won’t be mean, bully you or demean you though – but tough love isn’t about wrapping you in cotton wool either. As motivational strategies go, tough love is hard to beat.
While reading about boot camps can give you a taste of what this fun and exciting workout has to offer, the best way to find out more is to try a class for yourself. Stop procrastinating – get up and off your butt and try a boot camp workout today!
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Hi, my name is Dinny Morris. I’m a personal trainer and in sunny Sydney, Australia.

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