Group Training

1. Running

Group Runs to the Sydney Harbour Bridge to develop your basic cardiovascular fitness and help you burn fat. Running is arguably one of the most natural, functional and accessible forms of cardiovascular exercise but is much more enjoyable with a group of like-minded people.

2. Weight training

Weight training workouts focusing on progressive weights, compound exercises, supersets and giant sets, and many other set and rep variation’s that I have used to get many of my past client results will build muscle, boost your metabolism and fire up your fat-burning furnace. And ladies, don’t worry – this is not a typical bodybuilding workout that’ll leave you pumped up and masculine – the training methods used will help you develop the lean, toned, muscles you always wanted without bulking you up. Workouts, sets, reps and weights will be varied often to ensure you get the best results from your weight training workouts.

Many women steer clear of weight training because, often, they feel intimidated by the gym or lack the necessary knowledge. Small, semi-private, group training will ensure you learn perfect exercise technique, gain confidence in the gym and learn some very valuable exercises that will address all of the areas you want to work on. And remember, weight training doesn’t just strengthen your muscles, it strengthens your bones too; in no time at all you’ll be scoring top marks on the DEXA scan!

3. Metabolic conditioning

Metabolic conditioning workouts involve numerous types of exercise such as interval training, circuit training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), kettlebell training and all of the above combined into super-circuits designed to maximize your fat burning potential and take your personal fitness and endurance to new heights. This type of training not only burns calories while you are doing it; it also fires up your metabolism for up to 36-hours after your workout. This is something called EPOC, short for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption and is an essential ingredient for developing a lean, toned, fit body.

And because a good diet forms the basis for all things health, fitness and weight loss-related, you will also receive advice on nutrition and supplements so you can make sure your body is properly fuelled for your workouts.

Each session is one hour long and includes an appropriate warm up and cool down as well as the main session workout. Workouts will be adjusted to meet your personal fitness levels so you will work hard enough to get the best possible results but you’ll never be put in the position of trying to do more than you want to. Depending on the size of client women can expect to burn up to 600-800 calories and a mid size male to burn up to 1000-1200 depending on the type of training that we are doing.

Other benefits of small, semi-personal, group training include…

Group support

Exercising in a group means you’ll often work harder than you would when you are alone and as part of a group you are much less likely to miss sessions than you would if you were going solo.


Me as your trainer I will be with you every step of the way to ensure you perform each and every exercise correctly and at the right level of intensity. With no more ineffective workouts and accountability you’ll make more progress in a month than many people make in a year!

Other health issues

Other common health issues that can undermine training include adrenal and thyroid problems, parasites and leaky gut. Again, I will refer you for assessment by a doctor if I suspect one of these issues.


The best kind of exercise is the one you enjoy and small, semi-private, group training sessions are designed to be great fun. Not only will you get to exercise with like-minded people and under the tutelage of a professional fitness instructor, each workout is designed to be as enjoyable as it is effective. With active, positive, encouragement from both your fellow exercisers and your instructor, you’ll enjoy each and every workout more than you ever thought possible.

Cost effective

One-to-one personal training is expensive because you monopolize your instructors’ time for an entire hour. With small, semi-private, group training, that cost is divided between six people which makes a big difference in dollars but doesn’t affect the amount of support and supervision you receive in return. That’s why, for an hourly rate of much less than one-to-one training, you get access to FIVE great workouts per week.


Unlike group exercise classes like step, studio cycling and aerobics, your workouts will be varied and altered to meet your personal fitness needs and ensure that your exercise routine is anything but dull. Because groups are small and intimate, you’ll get the opportunity to perform exercises and do workouts that are not normally available to the typical gym goer. Where group exercise programs usually only change once a month, small, semi-private, group training workouts are much less limited and variety is, they say, the spice of life!

Remember though, you’ll only get out of your workouts what you put in and while I can coach and encourage you to levels of fitness you have only ever dreamed of, it’s down to YOU to turn up on time and be ready to work; I can show you way but YOU have to follow the path! And because I want you to get the results you deserve, you need to commit to a minimum of three-months of small, semi-personal, group training.

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