A personal trainer can get you amazing results…

And give you a big lift and drive and motivation that maybe you are lacking in your own workouts and can give you that extra 30%-50% extra push that you cant yourself. Can keep you accountable and goal focused.

1. Are they certified? It can take sometimes 8 weeks to go through a personal training course or some certifications to be a personal trainer can be done online and can take a lot lot less. To legally operate as a personal trainer the trainer requires a first aid certificate and Certificate 3
and 4 in fitness. This sets the base of being able to train clients.

2. Assessments: In the gym you see it a lot the bad techniques of exercises that some people put them selves through because they saw some egomaniac dickward LOL doing it on you tube, but the reality is this NOT everyone can do these exercises!! Olymipics Lifts, rotation work etc need to be left for a professional to recommend in a training session, as per your training age and assessment they put you through. When first signing up with a trainer ask them if they are going to access you, this may be fat Skinfold testing, before and after photos, in the first session, some trainers allocate 1-2 sessions of just assessments alone, some of the assessments maybe blood pressure, sometimes a really long annoying form asking about past/current injuries etc etc (I have one of these forms) an assessment on certain exercises, they may look at tightness in certain muscle groups, to discuss injuries or see where there are weakness in a certain body weight exercises, this is VERY important this creates the basis of your program which you will need to follow in order to get the correct results with DOMS not injuries. From experience you can push a client hard depending on many factors, BUT the exercise selection must reflect the clients training age, so if your PT has you doing deadlifts or rotation work in the gym and you have a herniated disc or spinal problems, or your doctor has said don’t do rotation work and your trainer gives you rotation work wtf . they may not be the right trainer for you, and you maybe paying them to hurt you not help you.

3. In Australia we have a fitness association which is called fitness austrailia all personal trainers need to be registered through here and hold all certifications. Fitness Austrailia is a industry body that sets and maintains standards within the fitness industry, I think personally it is good to have a trainer that is associated with this company as it shows they have all correct certs in place. And also that that Trainer identifies with a professional body.

4. Insurance: Does your trainer have insurance, every now and then you see people in plain clothes training someone in the gym, taking a sneaky littles session and getting paid for it hahaha, making the client do exercises and yelling at the client pull harder, go go go, when in actual fact the client who is not aware who is working dam hard but has bad form and has a real bad kyphosis during a deadlift could really injure themselves. ( my pet hate is seeing people on the smith machine doing squats and letting the spine tuck under MAJOR injury could potentially happen here. So where was I oh yes, so if you have trainer make sure he/she is insured as if you injure yourself you want to be PROTECTED!!! And myself as a a trainer have insurance for me it is a MUST!! If you have a trainer that is not insured maybe you should leave the party?

5. Professionalism. If you have a trainer that pulls out a cellphone during your session……………..Oh No You Dddint!!! That is rude, that is like pulling out your phone on a date and updating your face book profile while looking at the screen smiling and shaking your head at what the other person is saying CA– — USE YOUR NOT INTERESTED LOL!! Not cool, especially if they the trainer says hey Im just updating my facebook profile is cat spelt with a K?? We all know how uncomfortable it is to be in dentist or similar and that happen so why expect it from a PT? Leaning, Yawning, talking to other people other trainers, talking about their lives instead of getting you trim lean and turning you into a bad ass fighting machine!!! Don’t accept this tell them, please don’t text when I am training with you, its rude or something like that.

6. Nutrition: This is a must all trainers must give you some guidance (here are 3 little simple sneaky ones for fat loss: Cut dairy moo, bread, drink a heap I mean a heap of water). This should either consist of a eating diary for a week or two of the clients eating pattern, as some clients freak out when they realize they are having 2 bottles of wine a night haha. It makes them accountable and change their ways. Nutrition is a big one as it is the basis of getting a client results; you cant out train a bad diet!!! Straight from the lips to the hips or something like that.

7. Following a program, that means every 2-3-4 weeks the program changes this stops any boredom of exercises for you and also tricks the body and keeps it on it toes so the results don’t stagnate. This means a complete change of exercises or leave some in depending on the goal or client training age, changing weights, type of weights, type of way the weight is lifted, different rep range, sets, tempo, etc etc.

8. Accountability. They need to hold you accountable and they need to say it how it is, if you tell your trainer that you like these scrumish little chocolate muffins at a café by your work, they need to tell you those little fuckers will make you fat not phat!! If you aren’t getting results you need to also put yourself in the position of being told some truths, cause well your loved ones may not as they don’t see the weight issue. They need to keep you motivated one habit I have is asking my clients what they ate for breakfast, as most people don’t eat breakfast. This sets them up not to forget to eat breakfast cause they know I’m going to ask them what they had for breakfast.

9. Refer you out: if you have an injury with your spine say, they should refer you out not try and fix them yourself if they aren’t qualified. The injury heals sooooo much faster when it is seen by a professional.

10. You have to like the person LOL if the chemistry is not there with the trainer its just not there, you have to spend time with this person if you can relate to them and don’t feel comfortable then, this trainer might not be for you. There are still some passionate trainers out there that have not got other certs apart from certificates 3 and 4 and still can get amazing results for people. And when you are more comfortable with someone you are more likely to stick at training and may reach your goals.

11. You have to like the person LOL if the chemistry is not there with the trainer its just not there, you have to spend time with this person if you can relate to them and don’t feel comfortable then, this trainer might not be for you. There are still some passionate trainers out there that have not got other certs apart from certificates 3 and 4 and still can get amazing results for people. And when you are more comfortable with someone you are more likely to stick at training and may reach your goals.

12. Appearance: Woah Im actually going to go there!! Ok if they look like they live on a diet of Pies I would reconsider hiring them, as you want a trainer that walks the talk!! But at the same time, you need to ask what have their body battles been? Me I was the fat kid then the way too skinny kid getting down to 55kgs at 24 way way to skinny. For my health. Im now rocking 78kg naturally and getting bigger that’s what I have been aiming for with my training, that’s another thing if your tainer is young they may be just have good genes and can eat what ever they like and not worry about putting weight on and don’t have to train next to at all. Or they may say they are natural ie Mr illegal supplement king and they are not. Do your research as this these two have major imapacts on your results as these are not training or utilizing the bodies natural hormones via diet and exercise.

13. Intensity: Depending on your goals. Your paid sessions need to be planned out, with weights exercises and needs to flow so you are getting the most out of your time with a PT. And it needs to be at the intense level as to where your goal is. What you put in is what you get out of it, and when hiring a PT they are giving you a boost. So you need to work hard to get the results.

14. Defined Goal: When hiring a PT be specific tell them about something you don’t like about your body like your louuurve handles or your legs, etc they can then program that into the sessions more or suggest alternatives.
And can program for you when you are at the gym by yourself.

15. Contunial Education: A good trainer has done more than cert 3 and 4 and first aid and read the lastest article on www.soyouwantafriggingamazingbody.com (not actually a site?). The Fitness Industry is constantly changing new information is coming out constantly and some of it is not so benifeical and more fad type stuff. So its good to see that someone has continued on with education with a respected international strength coach or company that has many many years of experience to make themselves a better trainer and aid in better results for their clients.

So there you have it. Remember it’s all about your goals and what you want to achieve at the gym or with a trainer. A personal

Trainer can massively advance your results especially when they are holding you accountable, screaming at you one more one more rep, nutrition advice, motivation. But there are a few things to watch out for, as noted above.

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