25 Tips to Help you Lose Weight

A great many people want (or need) to lose weight but very few actually manage to lose it or keep it off for good. For a large percentage of the weight loss population, losing weight is some kind of impossible dream. Avoid frustration and failure by following these seven “how to lose weight” steps.

When it comes to weight loss, lots of people “kind of” want to lose weight but when push comes to shove, aren’t really motivated enough to make any meaningful lifestyle changes. Dropping sugar from your coffee or stripping the skin of chicken are great but are not big enough interventions to result in meaningful weight loss. Losing weight requires some pretty big lifestyle changes and the only way you’ll stick with these changes is to create a desire to lose weight that outweighs all the excuses and reasons you have for not doing something about your weight. To lose weight, you need to be passionate and excited about what you are going to achieve. You need to get angry about crushing the old you and building the new one. It is not enough to “kind of” want to lose weight, you have to really desire it. Turn your weight loss desire up to eleven and you’ll soon start seeing results.

So, you want to lose weight – and I mean you REALLY want to lose weight; that’s great. Now, I want you to create a picture in your mind’s eye of what you want to look like, how you want to feel and what you want to be able to do once you have lost the weight. Make this image as clear and sharp as possible and then commit it to memory. Use this image to keep you motivated and focused on what you are working to achieve and remember, every missed workout and every diet slip up will take you further away from this image!

As well as the image of what you are trying to achieve, you should also have tangible, measurable goals to work toward to help keep you motivated. How much weight do you want to lose and by when? Make sure your goals are realistic – losing one kilo a week is very realistic, losing five a week is not – and then focus on working toward your goals. Write your goals down and revisit them often to help keep you focused on what you are working to achieve.

There are lots of diets and exercise plans around and while some are pretty hopeless, the majority are fine and effective. Pick a good plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle so that you won’t have an excuse for not sticking to it after a few short weeks, For example, the Paleo diet is not practical for a vegetarian is it’s based on eating lots of meat. Likewise, running to lose weight can work but not if running always makes your knees ache. If you can’t find an “off the shelf” plan to follow, seek out a personal trainer who will be able to design a bespoke weight loss plan for you.

So, you have set your goals, visualised the new you and now you have your diet and exercise plan – good on you! However, none of this will amount to anything if you can’t stick with it. Even a bad diet and poor exercise program can deliver results if you stick to it – that is how powerful consistency can be. Think how well a good plan will work when practiced with consistency! Losing weight and getting fit will not happen overnight and are the result of effort applied regularly over many months and even years. Be prepared for the long haul and be consistent in your efforts and you will get the results you desire.

Diet and exercise can be tough – no question. You’ll have to cut back on some of your favourite foods and may have to get up earlier or cut down on your TV time so you can fit in your workouts. The resulting weight loss will make these sacrifices worthwhile but you could also reward yourself too. Suitable rewards include a once-a-month meal out at a nice restaurant, a special dessert once a week, a new outfit, a holiday, a coffee and a cake with friends on a Friday afternoon – whatever you choose make sure you have EARNED your reward and that it won’t undo too much of your good work. A takeout once a month won’t do you any harm but three takeouts a week because you managed to hit the gym or eat a salad a few times will!

deally, you should make every effort to stick to your diet and exercise programme until you reach your goals but, in reality, life sometimes gets in the way and even the most determined and well-intentioned dieter or exerciser will slip up now and then. Don’t quit and revert to your old habits because of one slip up – that’s nothing but self-destructive behaviour. Instead, analyse why you slipped up, try to avoid making that same mistake again, and then get back on the diet and exercise wagon. Ultimately, everyone falls at some time or another but the real test of character is will you get back up afterward?
Diet and exercise are essential for weight loss and getting fit but so too is your mind set. Your brain is arguably the most powerful muscle in your body and if you make the most of this powerful tool, you are much more likely to reach the ultimate visualisation of the new, slimmer, you!

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