How many times have you bailed on your workout or broken your diet? I bet it’s more than a few! I also bet you had a perfect excuse that allowed you to justify your behaviour too. Making excuses is easy – all you have to say is you can’t. Can’t find time to work out, can’t find something healthy to eat, can’t say no to one more beer…


The truth is, you CAN find time to exercise, CAN make a healthy meal in minutes and CAN drink water instead of beer. You can choose how you live your life – you are the boss and not just a victim of circumstance. All you need to do is recognize when you are making excuses and make sure you have a strategy in place so that, whatever lame excuse you come up with, you make it invalid.


I can’t find time to exercise

How much time do you spend watching TV a day? For most people, the answer is between two to four hours. How much time do you spend on social networking or online in general? That’s another hour or two. How about you stop wasting your time watching TV or surfing the net and use some of that time moving your butt and exercising? A 30-minute workout can produce tremendous results and if you are really short of time, you can burn fat and build muscle in as little as four minutes! Check out something called Tabatas to learn more. Lack of time is not a valid excuse – even the president of America Barack Obama finds time to exercise and he has to be one of the busiest men on the planet! Oh, of course I generally suggest workouts lasting more than four minutes!


Do this exercise…draw a line down one side of a piece of paper. Now, on the left side, write down the excuse that you are thinking of using for skipping your workout or cheating on your diet. Then, on the other side of that excuse, write down how that excuse serves you and what will happen if you keep saying that excuse. Where will you be in one-years time if you still have that excuse? I’ll tell you – not right where you are now but actually further away from a fitter, healthier, leaner you. Excuses are often just justifications for not doing what you KNOW you should so STOP making them!


I can’t find time to cook healthy foods

Cooking healthy food takes minutes, not hours. Grill some chicken or lean beef, steam or roast some fresh veggies and you’re done in 15 minutes flat. Raw fruit and nuts are healthy and instant so there is no need spend any time at all on preparing healthy snacks either. You can buy a slow cooker or a steamer with a timer which you can set so your meals cook while you are out doing other things. Cooking healthy food does not take a lot of time – especially if you prepare it in advance. Also make sure you learn food preparation skills as they will save you time and will help you reach your fitness goals faster and easier.

I can’t find a workout a like

There are literally hundreds of different types of workouts that will help you get fit and lose weight and you are telling me you have tried all of them? No way! All you need to do is head to your local gym, check out your local sports clubs or search the internet and I guarantee you’ll find at least one type of workout that you will enjoy.


I can’t afford the gym fees

Gym fees can be expensive but who said you have to join a gym to get in shape? You can exercise at home, at the beach, at the park or you can go for a run, ride your bike, walk, play soccer…none of these activities require a gym membership. Too many potential exercisers forget that fitness and weight loss are not dependent on being a member of a swanky gym. At the end of the day, so long as you move your body, it doesn’t matter if you are lifting rocks or using a $30,000 weight training machine. So long as you put the effort in and are consistent, you will get results. Look at Arnold schwarzenegger; back in his day did he have a fancy gym? No – he trained in a very basic gym and when he was in the Austrian army, he just trained with logs – in a forest! What about Jane Fonda, she just had an open space and maybe a mat. Okay, she had leg warmers too but you get what I mean!

I can’t motivate myself to exercise

There are several motivational strategies you can use to help keep you pumped up for exercise…


  1. Set goals
  2. Exercise with a buddy
  3. Join a fitness boot camp class
  4. Train for a sport or event
  5. Reward yourself
  6. Hire a trainer
  7. Try new workouts
  8. Take before/after photos
  9. Keep an exercise/diet diary
  10. Sign up for a fitness course
  11. Get a baseline of where you are to physically scare yourself into exercise
  12. Draw the line, and tell yourself no more; its now or never!


Motivation can be hard to come by but you can do several things to enhance your motivational state – you just have to seek them out. Scratch lack of motivation off your excuse list!


I can’t find the energy to go to the gym

ironically, the reason you lack energy is because you are unfit, unhealthy and overweight! Once you get into your workouts and eating more healthily, you’ll soon feel your energy levels increase. Also, remember that you don’t have to hammer yourself to get fit and lose weight – just do as much as you feel comfortable with and increase both duration and intensity gradually as you get fitter and stronger. Also make a point of drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and packing your diet with vegetables and fruit – your energy levels will soon start to increase so you feel more like exercising.


I can’t stick with anything I start

Raise your hand and place it on your head. Now lower it back down again. You CHOSE to do that and you can choose to stick to an exercise program or diet. While you have no choice over the colour of your eyes or how tall you are, you have complete control over how and when you exercise and what foods you eat. You CAN stick to anything you start if you choose to! Stop being a victim and blaming your genetics, parents, job or whatever else you feel is responsible for your inability to get a grip and exercise and eat properly.I took it without consequences. If you want feel adequately, you shouldn’t take the Xanax No Prescription drug within 4 hours before driving. Take charge of your fitness and health and you’ll soon find that you can achieve great things!
Most excuses are nothing but powerless words that we use to justify being lazy. Replace all those CAN’TS with CANS and suddenly you have created very powerful mantras for helping you stick to your exercise and diet plan. Stop saying CAN’T, it’s a bad four-letter word you need to avoid at all costs, and start saying CAN instead.
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Hi, my name is Dinny Morris. I’m a personal trainer and in sunny Sydney, Australia.

I work with men and women at all levels of their physical development, from overweight couch potatoes who want to get in shape, to professional athletes and natural bodybuilders who want to beef up strength and body mass.

Hi, my name is Dinny Morris. I’m a personal trainer and in sunny Sydney, Australia.

I work with men and women at all levels of their physical development, from overweight couch potatoes who want to get in shape, to professional athletes and natural bodybuilders who want to beef up strength and body mass.