When you are training and you are not getting any closer to your goal of putting on size lets look at possibly why? There are 3 body types and no one is entirely one shape, you have:

Ectomorph: short upper body, long arms and legs, very little fat storage. And generally have thin muscles, Ectomorphs unfortunately fallen into the category of the hard gainer (I know I have been here it sucks big time). Their first primary objective is gaining weight, in the form of quality muscle mass. Ectomorphs need to eat like a kid in a candy shop (but not candy no no no). This article is primary for Ectomorphs.

Mesomorph: Large chest, long torso, and solid muscle structure and have good strength. These dudes find it relatively easy to put on mass they just need to look at a weight/dumbbell and they put on muscle mass, as long as they have a balanced program and don’t focus on one area of training so they can grow in proportion to the rest of their body.

Endomorph: These guys find putting on muscle easy but they have a higher fat percentage than the Ectomorphs and the Mesomorphs so they tend to not have much definition. And tend to have to add cardio into their program based on their current activity levels.

You aren’t eating enough, you are constantly busy with work and life in general and the last thing on your mind is eating. Diet is a HUGE part of putting on size, if you don’t eat you wont put on size no if’s no buts no maybes if you want to put on size you need to eat a lot, unfotunetalty you cant eat a little protein bar full of sugar processed crap and what ever else they put in them after your workout and expect to put on size, as marketing would have us believe. EAT proper food!! This may be things like eating every 2-3 hours, having a snack’s healthy ones in between meals, one certain way of eating does not suit all we all have different schedules you need to find what is best for you

Your training sucks. You don’t follow a program nor push yourself hard enough you only use machines as they are really easy and you get to watch TV while sitting down at the gym and aren’t getting any sort of testosterone release from your effort what so ever or your still lifting the same amount of weight you did last year? You jump from machine to free weights or to some exercise you saw in the latest health magazine which seems to for some reason really hurt your back but what the fuck man Ill do it any way haha. Follow programs push your self really hard use proper technique and tempo rotate your workouts and get results

Your scared if you eat protein you will get fat, protein is made up of amino acids muscle feeds on amino acids to grow and get stronger, excess protein sources high in calories/Carbohydrates yes these will make you fat if you are taking in too many calories for your body type and physical activity levels. Basically you eat from a protein bucket full of fake stuff like asapartame and random fillers that you can’t pronounce, cause that is what they do in the muscle mags right? Those really really really big guys that aren’t on roids but are, but aren’t but are, but aren’t……….

Your doing 3 hours of long distance steady state cardio per week cause you only did that last week and the week before and you like watching the tvs in the gym? Cardio does have its place but not if you’re really struggling to gain or someone wanting to put on size cardio should be thrown out the window until you master the weights and know where you are headed with your programing, Muscle grows through great exercises and lifting heavy or lifting at a weight that you can control tempos and reps with a scientific desired outcome, and plus you will burn a lot more calories during the weights session especially after, when the muscle grows and increases your metabolism.

You don’t sleep enough, the gym you tear and smash the muscle at home you rest eat nutrition and the muscle will grow. Not getting adequate sleep will affect your testosterone, cortisol, insulin and human growth hormone. These horomones all aide in muscle repair and growth. Everyone is different and no one is the same but it is advised to have at least 8 hours sleep some people are fine with 6 but others may need 9.

You don’t do legs and you can tell, but only when you are standing in a full length mirror with shorts or undies on and not in front of the bathroom mirror in front of the sink where you cant see your legs, Legs have the some of the biggest muscles in the body and are massive testosterone releasers/producers and will help the rest of your body grow and not look like the Santa Monica water pier. Top heavy. Harden up Legs is a must or you will look like you only do upper body Monday Tuesday Wednesday etc etc.

Certain supplements may help if your diet is lacking but everyone’s body is different but nothing beats proper nutrition; although supplementation is an entire blog in itself, but essentials could be protein createnine, and multivitamins (multivitamins taken before bed) but really depends on the individual everyone is different and has a different diet get the diet right before spending $$ ping ping on supplements you see in a magazine. If you can spare the cash pre workout supplementation taken 15 minuets before a workout can help you lift heavier and get you over the its too heavy hurdle to where you don’t need to use them anymore or have an espresso I find helps. But it is essential that you are training properly and have a good diet if you do decide to purchase some supplements try and get the diet correct so they don’t just become expensive urine also have your stomach acid levels checked as if they are not up to scratch you wont be able to break down the supplements.

Advancing yourself to harder exercises to quickly, Unfortunately this could potentially injure your body and put you back instead of forward, an example would be you may not have the orthopaedic profile or be strong enough in your core or your back muscles but you are trying to do barbell squats, Olympic style lifts with 100 kg these are great mass gaining exercises but small steps there is a lot of stabilization and strengthening of our joints that needs to happen before we first start that sort of program, sometimes that may mean body weight exercises or certain cable machine exercises until you are able to stabilize your joints, core, back and then we can add weights to the exercise. Basically the more stable and stronger your body is the more you will be able to lift and gain mass and keep lifting with little injuries. Olympic style lifts are best done with a certified strength coach, and if they say you aren’t ready you aren’t ready.

Smoking causes cancer i.e. it kills your body, your body has this thing called muscle you kill that as well, also you kill your testosterone and take away the bodies ability to absorb nutrients effectively so all those $$ supplements are more than likely not being absorbed properly muscles need a good diet to grow as the body will then use the nutrients to grow muscle.

Thanks I hope you found this blog is helpful. Something to keep in mind as we age our testosterone decreases and so does our muscle mass, so it is good to try and put on as much muscle mass as possible, before we reach the age where it becomes harder and that goes for females reading this blog as well as you have an even harder time putting on muscle as you have much less testosterone, please see my weights and women blog. So hard gainers Eat Train hard and be wise as to how you train.

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Hi, my name is Dinny Morris. I’m a personal trainer and in sunny Sydney, Australia.

I work with men and women at all levels of their physical development, from overweight couch potatoes who want to get in shape, to professional athletes and natural bodybuilders who want to beef up strength and body mass.

Hi, my name is Dinny Morris. I’m a personal trainer and in sunny Sydney, Australia.

I work with men and women at all levels of their physical development, from overweight couch potatoes who want to get in shape, to professional athletes and natural bodybuilders who want to beef up strength and body mass.